Origin – 22nd – 28th September 2011

Excited to announce that this year I will be exhibiting my new collection at Origin.


2 thoughts on “Origin – 22nd – 28th September 2011

  1. Emma brilliant that you are at Origin. I tried to buy from you if you remember when you first graduated.
    Could you bring the or similar scarf merino – the ruby, plum, scarlett – £85 to origin? or similar reds black, rich colours Would like a shoulder wrap as well.
    I hope to come on 2nd day
    See you there.
    Lizzi Walton
    Stroud International Textiles
    01453 751056

    • Hi Lizzi,

      Thanks for your message. I shall have scarves in the colourways you like at Origin. See you there! Thanks, Emma

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